A Vision for Agriculture

Like most worthwhile ventures, vision is how the West Michigan Agricultural Education Center began.  It is the vision of a small group of agricultural leaders in Ottawa County that is bringing this concept to life.  Those leaders see the need for every one who eats food to know how it got on their plate.  What better place than Ottawa County Michigan to offer creative hands on learning opportunities.  Michigan is second only to California in the agricultural diversity, and Ottawa County ranks third in the state in market value of agricultural products sold. The Center is located on a historic site with a rich history that is owned by the Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission.  As this blog unfolds, the story of the Ottawa County Poor Farm and it’s journey to becoming the West Michigan Ag Ed Center will be shared.  We hope you will follow along and support us as we move this vision forward.  The farm current generates revenue from farming endeavors, its fundraising campaign is underway and its inaugural public outreach event is currently being planned.  The Board of Directors of the West Michigan Agricultural Education Center invites you to be part of this great adventure.  Stay tuned for details and links on how to be involved.